Keep your frames, replace the panes!

Refresh your existing double glazing for a fraction of the cost of buying new

Breathe New Life Into Old Double Glazing

Glasscraft Stamped Unit

RE-FRESH your existing units with the latest high performance rated glass, minimising disruption whilst maximising heat retention.

Realise The Cost Savings For Yourself

Where possible, we will always utilise the existing frames – saving you time, upheaval and most, importantly, MONEY.

Extend The Life Of Your Existing Frames


By renewing many of the perishable parts and servicing handles and locks, you can have windows as good as new.

A typical 3 up 2 down home can be done in a day which means you get your home back to normal quicker and there’s no need for expensive re-decorating.

A cold room in any house can make it insufferable or even un-useable. In the case of bathrooms and bedrooms where, sometimes, limited heating can make barely a difference, it can be a nagging and wearisome complaint.

A window in any room offers a natural heat loss avenue to the cold British winter (and indeed our summers on occasion too!)

By fitting superior high performance glass from Planitherm and having the team at Northumberland Glass RE-FRESH the uPVC frames with some TLC if required, you can heat your home, safe in the knowledge that your £££’s spent are actually keeping YOU warm INSIDE and not the neighbours street OUTSIDE!

ReFresh Being Installed

What is High Performance Glass?

High performance glass is advanced coated energy efficient glass. It retains heat from inside and draws energy from sunlight outside. We use Europe’s leading high performance glass in all our ReFresh installations – Planitherm.

Discover the range from the brochures below:


Why ReFresh with High Performance Glass?

Its quite simple really, you get all the benefits of new double glazing without the costs and disruption. With some TLC, our careful team will ReFresh your windows so you feel the difference. It’s all about the Planitherm.

Find out more about the benefits below:


Commercial Energy Efficient Savings:

For commercial concerns, investing in any building upgrade or repair can be a huge outlay.

General maintenance and improvement to buildings and property is a necessary factor for all business with a genuine desire to invest in its business, employees and customers.

Ensuring health and safety, protecting financial assets and their longevity; and offering a premises that is warm, inviting and safe is integral to any business.

ReFresh commercial glass

Northumberland Glass can help when it comes to all aspects of your window requirements. Throughout your premises, we offer the same RE-FRESHINGLY different approach to business owners as we do to home-owners:

  • Retail outlets
  • Factories and offices
  • Care and Residential Homes
  • Schools and public buildings

We understand that our commercial customers’ needs differ.

Be it a large shop front, office with many glazed units, a public building or multiple site, we understand that driving down outlay and improving long term cost saving is a major consideration.

This is why we are confident that by installing high performance glass, we offer a competitively priced option that any business or commercial enterprise should consider.

ReFresh commercial glass

Combine this with a service to suit your business requirements and the cost savings really start to add up:

  • In and out of working hours installation
  • Minimal disruption to employees and customers
  • Fewer working hours lost
  • Reduced mess

We will always save your existing frames where we can – with safety and quality paramount.

Where we are unable to “save” an existing frame we can offer a highly competitive bespoke profile replacement (the profile is the uPVC frame that holds the glass)

We have a selection of high quality profiles to choose from and our surveyors will help you choose the most cost effective and suitable dependent upon your needs and budget.

The benefits of replacing existing glass in a business or commercial premises with our Panitherm A+ rated glass include:

  • Greatly reduced initial outlay
  • Minimal installation disruption
  • Reduced ongoing heating costs
  • Warmer, happier employees and customers!